In Search of Flavor

Episode 11: Curiosity as a Compass, In Conversation with Peggy Markel

Episode Summary

Happy New Year! As we wrap up 2020 and enter 2021, we continue with a special holiday episode that mixes up our podcast style. Today, we want to introduce you to a friend and colleague, Peggy Markel. Peggy is an avid traveler, cook, foodie, wine enthusiast, culture lover and kindred spirit with an adventurous-yet-zen vibe. She shares the same authentic approach to culinary travel in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and India for her discerning travelers as we do in South America, so naturally, we love chatting with her. In this episode, Peggy and Liz have an open conversation about what travel means in their lives, sharing anecdotes and stories of the people, foods, meals, places, adventures, and life-changing experiences that have marked their lives, always with curiosity as a compass. Join us ‘at the table’ for good company and musing about why we love to travel, how it shapes us, and why it will forever keep us dreaming.

Episode Notes

In this episode we talk about:


Peggy Markel Culinary Adventures

Buona Notte wines (Peggy’s son Graham Markel’s winery in Oregon)